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Have you ever found yourself going through a tough time when every time you check your social media, all you see are those cheesy, fake positive quotes telling you that everything will be okay and you won't ever feel this way again? It's annoying to try and pretend you believe them, right?

Well, Project JUST aims to provide an honest portrayal of how young people live and cope with various challenges. While life can be tough at times, it's important to avoid over-exaggerating difficulties.

The interview section of the project will feature a diverse range of individuals sharing their unique stories and experiences. These insightful videos will be available on TikTok for young viewers to connect with and find clarity.

In each video, the person being interviewed gets to talk about whatever they want. However, each video always has an important message to share. They might inspire you to keep going even when things get tough or help you understand your feelings better. Either way, you won't regret watching them!

The people in the videos are JUST like you and me, going about their day-to-day lives. You're definitely not alone in whatever you're going through.


Contact Me

If you're interested in getting involved with Project JUST, feel free to contact me and let me know what you want to talk about. We can then set up a time to chat that works for you. Can't wait to hear from you!


As long as you're happy to share yourself on social media, then we can go ahead and film the interview. We can pick any location you're comfortable with and decide on a rough topic; then, it's just a chat with a small camera on the side. If you're in a rush, it can be a 5 min chat, and if you have a lot to get off your chest, it can be for an hour or so. Just let me know how you're feeling.


So, I'd then cut up the video into different clips. And once I'm done, I'll send you the clips so you can check if there's anything you wanna change. Once you're okay with the final cut, I'll then post the content on TikTok. Your interview will be a part of Project JUST. It'll be out there for others to see and find some comfort in it. Thank you!

I will not share any of your personal information, and I will ask you for a nickname I can use in the caption.



Please don't hesitate to email me, and we can plan a filming date that works best for both of us. If you need more details about the project, we can arrange a quick phone call beforehand too. Just let me know when would be a good time for us to chat.


My DM's are open on both TikTok and Instagram, so feel free to message me anytime! Whether you want to get involved with Project JUST or just need a friendly chat, as I said, my inbox is always open. Don't be shy, I'm here to listen!

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